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At Shark Brothers Multimedia, we specialize in combining the proven marketing power of branded visual content with targeted digital advertising and marketing systems to deliver results for an array of businesses, influencers, non-profit organizations, governmental and educational institutions.

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Our Approach.

You won’t find cookie cutters in our toolbox because we take a more thorough diagnostic approach in understanding your current situation and what your goals are. That gap between the two is where we focus our capabilities to identify specific needs, any obstacles that may exist and how those might be negatively impacting otherwise efficient areas of your marketing efforts.

Some of our Clients & Collaborators

We Create Assets.

Marketing, sales, the competition, industry trends, cash-flow and time management are all areas where we can apply products and services aimed at reducing challenges while enhancing a company’s key performance indicators.

Our focus is fixed on creating media assets and strategically repeatable processes that a business can leverage to increase Returns on Investment, while building a more predictable way forward in scaling growth over the long-term.

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Branded Visual Content

Media Assets that Inform, Entertain, Inspire and Persuade.


Our Experience. Your Advantage.

Reading will always be fundamental, but we live in a just-push-play world now. Fact: 85% of US internet users watch videos. Lots of videos. Facebook alone, receives over 8 Billion Average Daily Video Views. Just a few reasons why custom-branded content is the most effective way to engage people looking for your products or services during that critical decision-making phase of their consumer journey. When produced and distributed properly, video and other visual content can provide one of the most effective conversion tools available to turn prospects into loyal customers.

National Quality. Local Budgets.

It makes no difference if the content we create is for a national network broadcast or a local destination’s regional marketing campaign. We cover every aspect from rough idea to refined concept, all the way through field production, edits and delivery. Custom music-scoring and graphics, professional voiceover, color-grading, and other essential tasks are executed as part of every content creation assignment. We have the format capability and budget flexibility to create exactly what’s needed to convey not just a compelling story, but a persuasive message through standard length commercial spots, longer-form documercials, full-series, documentaries, trailers and teasers.

Video + Targeted Distribution = ROI

Video and other visual branded elements are vital, but they must reach your consumer audience when they’re making buying decisions. Posting videos or images on a company website or social media platform will reach an organic audience. These people already know you or may be existing customers, family, friends and maybe their friends. How many in this audience are ready to buy from you right now? The statistical answer is few to none. When we leverage your branded visual content with specifically targeted online advertising campaigns and distribution methods, predictable lead conversion and business growth become a reality.


Digital Marketing

  • Facebook Advertising

  • PPC Management

  • SEO Local & National


Game-Changer Wrapped in a Challenge.

Today’s digital online search technologies and social media platforms allow people to communicate, consume and share information in ways unimaginable, just a decade ago. Today’s business owners can also share their offerings by advertising and communicating with consumers in ways that have completely changed the game. However, that playing field is not always level and the goal line is constantly moving.

Always up to Code so You don’t Have to be.

Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms consistently make changes to their platform policies and those pesky algorithms that make it all tick. As a result, online commercial campaigns can run like champs this week, only to limp along like sore losers the next. One of the most important value propositions we can make is in providing digital marketing services that always run at optimized levels. It’s all our digital team does so you don’t have to. This allows our clients to focus on delivering for their customers, and maybe enjoy a little more time with family and friends.

Facebook Advertising

  • Targeted Campaigns

  • Sales Funnels


Qualified Lead Generation.

Half a billion people watch Facebook videos daily, and your customers and competitors are in that crowd. Our targeted, lead-generating campaigns cut through the clutter with effective visual assets, copywriting and strategic targeting, providing one of the most efficient methods of attracting and converting qualified prospects.

An effective social media strategy should guide your customers throughout the entire sales funnel, helping them understand why they need your products or services by asking the right questions. You can lead them through the consideration phase by showing off the benefits of your products or services with custom-branded content. Customer retention and valuable referrals can also be enhanced by nurturing relationships through your social media channels after the sale, further reinforcing positive experiences with your company.



Optimization & Management


Direct Involvement and Reporting.

At Shark Brothers Multimedia, we take a hand-on approach to Pay-Per-Click focusing on all aspects of Sales Funnels to make sure we’re driving a profitable campaign for every client.

We offer experienced and effective pay-per-click management services so you can quickly and easily get more customers and more website visitors. Leverage Google AdWords and Bing Ads to grow your reach and get your message in front of the people who are searching for the products or services you offer.

Call Tracking Reports.

One of key components of building a good marketing campaign is being able to analyze accurate data. That’s why we take this aspect a step further in not only allowing our clients to use our call tracking for our PPC campaigns, but any other campaign that you might be running such as Facebook or Email This helps insure we are doing everything in our power to grow each of our client’s businesses.


Search Engine Optimization

  • Local

  • National


Stand out from the Crowd.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of getting your website to rank higher in search engines—such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Although it’s the search engines that rank your site, we believe that good SEO is a result of initiatives that provide value for those visiting your site.

Is your site on that first page? Are your competitors? That’s why we’re here: to get you to the first page so you can experience a flood of new qualified buyers to your site.

Our Expertise is Your Advantage.

Our team of SEO experts will position your site where it can generate the kind of traffic that will convert to paying customers. Our SEO strategies are based on a consultative approach, understanding your audience and goals and using:

  • Keyword Research

  • Link Building

  • Website optimization Services and Content Development/Copywriting

  • Online Public Relations/Press Release Optimization

  • Mobile SEO

  • International Search

  • Shopping Search

  • Web Marketing Analytics

  • Reporting/KPIs

  • Local Search Optimization


Design & Development


Leading Technology & Best Practices.

Your company website is the tip of your marketing spear, and these days it must and can be more than just an online resume and contact form. Our expert team of Website Developers & Digital Strategists use cutting edge technology & best practices to create conversion sites that increase user engagement. They research, analyze, and craft strategic recommendations that will enable you to accomplish your business goals. From stakeholder interviews, to industry analysis, our recommendations are tactical and effective.

Websites must accurately represent your story, brand and offerings, while functioning as a valuable tool in the calculated growth of your business. It’s a foundation that our other key digital marketing services can be added to including PPC, SEO, Facebook and Google Ads. Every consideration is covered in our design and implementation process. As with all our services, the goal is creating a valuable asset for your business.