"At Shot Locker, we're right at home shooting and producing world-class content whether the site is high and dry indoors or in a remote location like the Florida Everglades or miles offshore, underwater in the Atlantic Ocean. We're known for going anywhere and doing what it takes to deliver the goods in the form of compelling and engaging content." - Founders: Sean and Brooks Paxton

These examples and services represent just some of our work and what's possible. The rest, we leave up to your needs and imagination. We invite you to contact us directly and share those details.
Full or mini length in factual and educational formats for television, web and other digitial distribution.
Filming, streaming and editing of entertainment, sport, fundraising and other public and private events.
Full or mini length in factual and educational formats for television and digitial distribution.

Spots, product demos and infomercials for television and digital media distribution.
Broadcasts from boardroom to classroom or concerts, sunken shipwrecks and coral reefs.

Digital Preservation, Damage and Assett Documentation for Insurance Purposes are Just a few Examples of Valuable Private Sector Services.

Our services are utilized by private individuals, as well as for-profit and 501(c) class organizations.

- Creative
- Writing
- Cinematography
- Still Photography
- Lighting & Sound
- Editing
- Custom Music Scoring
- Voiceover & Narration
- Production Coordination
- Technical Advisement
- Digital Preservation
- Media Packaging
- Cyclorama / Green Screen
- Stock Footage
- Presenting & Hosting
- Distribution
- Format Strategy
All services can be tailored for your needs.
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