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Driving everything Sean & Brooks Paxton do is a consuming passion for exploration, adventure and wildlife that hatched during their youth in the wilds of western Pennsylvania and grew during travels across the globe with their show business family. That drive, coupled with a unique combination of skill sets, has inspired them to lead and participate in numerous innovative and historically significant expeditions and related productions. When asked how they’ve managed to combine their personal and professional interests, they say, "It’s worked by consistently following our own formula to, Go-Do-Learn-Share". They add, "It's the sharing of our adventures and experiences in a way that entertains and actively engages an audience that matters the most for us".

Using anti-shark cages to explore an alligator filled deep-water swamp called the Ultimate Death Trap, taking part in and documenting the challenging and dangerous recovery of artifacts from Blackbeard's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, revolutionizing the world of competitive shark-release satellite tagging and the production and distribution of LIVE 2-way broadcasts from Civil War shipwrecks in the Gulf of Mexico and coral reef restorations in the Atlantic Ocean are just a few examples of wild ideas the Shark Brothers and their team of collaborators have become known for over the years. A summary of those can be found below.

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Current Project Sample

According to the Shark Brothers, Sean & Brooks Paxton. The Adventure and Wildlife series provides a meaningful collaborative opportunity to share with people around the world why The Charlotte Harbor Gulf Island Coast, its natural environments, outdoor recreational opportunities, its people, communities, and quality of life are so unique. Our family moved to this area from Pennsylvania nearly four decades ago, and since then, we’ve been to many parts of the planet, but this is the place we always come back to and are proud to call home”

Field production continues in 2018 for episode #5. Stay tuned for news and release information!

Dedicated to the Exploration of Wild Ideas ...

The Shark Brothers during on-camera interviews for the Discovery Channel's Shark Week Series.

We're often asked why we do what we do, and the fact is, we're driven by our curiosity about the natural world, history's mysteries and the adventure that comes with exploring that curiosity, but there's a deeper purpose beyond engaging entertainment value.

We're compelled by a heightened sense of urgency to do our part in taking on challenges that face some of the world's natural, historical and cultural resources. That's why our underlying mission is to explore, but not just in the traditional sense. 


We also explore wild ideas about how to engage, involve and motivate the public, and at times, even direct the actions and decisions of policy-makers. In some cases, we're responding to the need for vital funding to support important scientific research, an educational initiative or the recovery and curation of cultural and historical artifacts tied to our history and understanding of both man and beast.

Fortunately, we're not the only ones that feel this way. Through strategic alliances and with the generous support of like-minded clients and sponsors over the years, we've turned more than a few wild ideas into impactful results. In the process, we've also been extremely fortunate to work side-by-side with some of the world's best and brightest in the fields of exploration, science, research, natural resource management, entertainment and education. We'd like to thank them all for their critical support because none of it would be possible without their involvement.



-Produced Series, "Adventure and Wildlife, Hosted by the Shark Brothers
-Conducted Wildlife Abuance Study, City of North Port, FL, Conservation Initiative
-Produced Destination Promo and Commercial Spots: Charlesway Incorporated
- Joined Int'l Joint Expedition & Produced Live Underwater Broadcast from Coral Nursery in Atlantic Ocean
- Joined Expedition & Produced Live Underwater Dedication Broadcast from Civil War era Shipwreck Narcissus
- Produced Six Part Educational Series Florida Aquarium's Tanks to the Ocean
- Led Expedition, Created Format, Produced & Hosted the 2013 & 2014 Shark's Eye Release Tournament in Montauk, NY
- Joined Expeditions to 18th Century Shipwreck Queen Anne's Revenge
- Produced Series Blackbeard & the Queen Anne's Revenge
- Produced Documentary Rich History Priceless Future, the Tarpon of Boca Grande Pass
- Joined Expeditions to Mayakka River Deep Hole to Provide Dive Safety Measures, Document Exploration, Studies & Research
- Co Produced Oral History Documentary & Conducted Interview with Dr. Eugenie Clark
- Led Expedition, Created Format, Produced & Hosted the 2010, 2011 & 2013 Ultimate Shark Challenge
- Provided Production Coordination for Discovery Channel Shark Week
- Shark Brothers Featured in Shark Week Episode How JAWS Changed the World
- Joined Expedition with Nat'l Geographic Society & Mote Center for Shark Research to tag Bull Sharks
- Provided Production Coordination for NatGeo Wild Series Monster Fish
- Shark Brothers Featured in Episode of Series Monster Fish
- Joined Expedition as Mote Marine Laboratory Science Team Members to Document Effects of BP Oil Spill Disaster
- Joined expedition & Produced Live Two Way Underwater Broadcasts from Civil War era Shipwreck Narcissus
- Provided Technical Consultation & Produced Series the Blacktip Challenge
- Joined Expedition with Mote Center for Shark Research to Conduct and Document Relative Abundance Studies
- Joined expedition & Produced Live Two Way Underwater Broadcasts from Coral Restoration Project in the Atlantic Ocean
- Led Expeditions to Conventionally tag Coastal Shark Species Using Land Based Angling Techniques
- Created & Launched Int'l Land Based Shark Fishing Association Effectively Revolutionizing Catch & Release Shark Fishing
To be continued...

If you're an individual, a company or institution that has a project or cause that might be a collaborative fit or if you would like to support one of our ongoing or upcoming events, projects or productions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly. We'd value the opportunity to meet and discuss your wild ideas.

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