Shark Brothers Flying New Flag

February 6, 2015
North Port, Florida

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Scene from Discovery Channel Shark Week "How JAWS Changed the World".

Now that we've got the official press release formalities out of the way, let's get to it. Sean and Brooks Paxton, here. For all of you that know or are familiar with us, you've probably got a pretty good idea about what we do. But then again, maybe not. Fact is, we've been moving at a pretty brisk clip the last several years and just have not been able to take the time and share a lot of what we've accomplished or exactly what it is that we do.  Seems like we're always gearing up for the next project or expedition before we get unpacked from the last one. So we made the time. 

We never get tired of saying it. We've been fortunate to collaborate with some of the world's best (zero exaggeration, here) in the fields of entertainment, education, exploration, archaeology, science & research, adventure travel, ecotourism, outdoor recreation, wildlife and habitat management, production and technology. Our sincere thanks to everyone that has supported us over the years and those that we've had the good fortune to work and collaborate with. We never take for granted the fact we get to do the kind of stuff today that inspired us a kids and has driven us ever since.

As far as the name change goes, Think  Out Loud Productions is no more. Our company is now flying under the flag of Shot Locker Productions and will remain so. Still powered by the Shark Brothers. Same attitude. Just more of it. We'd been contemplating some changes for a while now, including the name. Well, just so happens another company cropped up a few years ago with a name so close it was exactly the same so we recently asked ourselves the question, "When would now be a good time to make those change?" Viva La Evolution!

So here we are. Whether you know us a lot or a little, maybe you're an existing client or collaborator or this is your first time, we're glad you're here and we invite you to look around our new online headquarters. You can also contact us directly and like all the cool kids are doing, let's stay in touch and up to date on Facebook and other social media hangouts. There are links at the bottom of every page for that. Over & Out for now.

As Always - Keep it Wild!
Sean Paxton & Brooks Paxton II
aka - the Shark Brothers