NBC Spotlights Shark's Eye Event, Conservation Challenges and Progress

"We extend a gigantic and sincere thanks to all our sponsors and supporters for making this event possible over the past two years. And to fellow shark-release fishing specialist, Zach "Hammer" Miller of Team Rebel Fishing, thanks for joining us for the second year to help run this complex operation." - Format Creators & Event Producers: Sean and Brooks Paxton

Fact is, this event is a large-scale collaboration designed to combine the goals of sport, science and conservation in ways that engage and directly involve the public. As the event producers and hosts, we're always looking for the biggest, loudest microphone we can get our hands on, in an effort to get the word out on behalf of the sharks and everyone involved in making this event possible; our competing teams, sponsors, supporters and volunteers, the scientific community, event production crews and Carl Darenberg of the host location, the Montauk Marine Basin.

L-R: Sam Champion, Sean Paxton, Brooks Paxton, Kerry Sanders.

L-R: Sam Champion, Sean Paxton, Brooks Paxton, Kerry Sanders.

View the Weather Channel segment with Sam below. We'd like to thank all the press and media that helped us to do that by covereing the event because every bit helps, but we'd like to extend a special note of thanks, here, to Kerry Sanders and crew from the NBC Today Show for taking an interest again this year. It's rare to get a second bite at this apple but after we talked further with Kerry and his producers, including Mary Ann Zoellner, they understood the larger importance of this effort and the extended scientific and educational value of this uniquely effective collaboration between recreational anglers and the scientific community. When it's all said and done, they felt it was an important enough news story that it needed to be shared with millions of people around the world again this year. We were also pleased to have Sam Champion from the Weather Channel on board during some of the filming and appreciate the opportunity to do a segment with him and Kerry for Sam's show, AMHQ. You can also view that segment below.

We've worked with Kerry over the years on a number of shark-related stories and always appreciate the opportunity. Thanks to him, NBC News, the Weather Channel and everyone involved in the Shark's Eye for making this another great year for the history books.

Kerry Sanders, Mary Ann Zoellner, Sam Champion and ace NBC Crew with Carl Darenberg, Zach "Hammer" Miller, Capt. Rob Humann, Bill Spraul, Sean Paxton, Brooks Paxton.

Kerry Sanders, Mary Ann Zoellner, Sam Champion and ace NBC Crew with Carl Darenberg, Zach "Hammer" Miller, Capt. Rob Humann, Bill Spraul, Sean Paxton, Brooks Paxton.

We urge you to watch all the stories below, which cover other important details and aspects of the event including satellite tracking, but we note in the first listed 2014 story, part of the NBC Today Show week long series, "Shark Watch Week", Kerry and crew did a fine job conveying a lot of big picture information in a short span of time. Appropriately highlighted are challenges sharks face in today's ocean, but there's some good news to go with it. The story points out proactive and positive impacts recreational anglers have made to help reverse declining shark populations; a positive shift due to a significant increase in the number of sharks being released by recreational anglers in recent years. Catch and release best practices are a foundational component of the Shark's Eye Tournament and a format and sporting ethic we've been promoting for many years now across multiple fronts and with the collaboration of many.

That said, it's important to point out we're lifelong sportsmen, too, and don't comdemn anglers for taking their fair and legal share of fish including sharks, but at the same time, we do not condone purely wasteful practices of any kind when it comes to our shared wild resources. While much work still remains to ensure a sustainble shark fishery around the world, there's a lot of you out there that can take a well-deserved bow for your hand in this recognized statistical shift and change in the recreational side of the equation. We agree that commercial takes are the leading cause for declining shark populations, but all of us recreational anglers have an impact, as well, and can't get a free pass on the issue of population management. We've got to do our part. It seems we have and are finally being recognized for it. Let's keep up the good work to make sure it remains a trend and not a fad.

Many Thanks & Always Keep it W!LD,
Sean Paxton & Brooks Paxton
aka the Shark Brothers

Please enjoy and share all these featured segments from the NBC Today Show, the Weather Channel and the NBC Nightly News.

2014 Weather Channel AMHQ with Sam Champion and Kerry Sanders. Airdate: July 14th.


2014 NBC Today Show, "Shark Watch Week" with Kerry Sanders. Airdate: July 14th.


2014 NBC Today Show, "Shark Watch Week" with Kerry Sanders. Airdate July 19th.


2013 NBC Today Show with Kerry Sanders. Airdate: August 5th.

2010 NBC Nightly News Feature with Kerry Sanders. Debut of our Shark-Release Format used in the Shark's Eye and Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge Tournaments.