Sea Turtles - A Crash Course

New Episode From the Series, Tanks to the Ocean now Available to Watch (view below).

This educational web series is presented by the Florida Aquarium in a Project Made Possible with Generous Support From the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.


The series' Executive Producers, Sean and Brooks Paxton aka the Shark Brothers have worked with both organizations over the past several years on a number of educationally-driven events and conservation initiatives.


A teacher workshop also aligns with the episodes and was recently offered for 12 local middle school teachers in the Tampa Bay region; providing an opportunity for The Florida Aquarium to receive ongoing feedback about this well-rounded and interactive learning experience for the community.


Other Episodes Focus On:


Fishes of the Wetlands


Marine Mammals


In April, the “Tanks to the Oceans” series also featured a streaming lesson live from the Florida Keys. Students and viewers were able to join a team of The Florida Aquarium’s biologists, scientific divers, educators and conservation partners, the Coral Restoration Foundation, as they dived to transplant coral fragments and monitor reef health in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. For this live episode, Sean and Brooks Paxton of Think Out Loud Productions implemented a number of technologies that made it possible for viewers to join the adventure live from beneath the waves.