Latest Documentary Release by Think Out Loud Productions

Produced by Think Out Loud Productions
Commemorative Edition Documentary DVD Released:

Rich History - Priceless Future, the Tarpon of Boca Grande Pass
Limited Edition Available at the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce
Future Distribution and Screenings to be Announced

Sean & Brooks Paxton, Documentary Writers and Producers comment, "We’re proud to take on the responsibility to help tell this important story and to debut it at the 2013 World's Riches Tarpon Tournament in Boca Grande, FL. It was imperative to us, from the start, that we take a high-ground look at the larger issue of sustainability through the lens of the Charlotte Harbor and Boca Grande Pass fishery. We stayed focused on making sure that, whether you’re from Kansas City or Key West, the mission of Conservation, Education and Sportsmanship put forth by Lew Hastings and the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce was well understood. It’s been an amazing experience and there’s a long list of people to thank in making this documentary possible. We encourage everyone to get a copy and share it with your family and friends and make sure you watch the credits! For now, a special thanks to Lew Hastings and the Chamber of Commerce, the community of Boca Grande and all our sponsors for their participation and support of this project."

“This engaging and educational documentary explores the history of a modern day tarpon fishery worth billions of dollars annually that originated over a century ago in the waters around Florida’s Boca Grande Pass, also known as the “Tarpon Capital of the World”. What is it about this place that attracts so many tarpon and why is there growing concern that this legendary fishery may be vulnerable to collapse? This film explores the answers to those questions and takes in in-depth look at how the local community in and around Boca Grande, renowned scientists, educators and conservationists have joined forces in a forward-thinking strategy designed to protect this priceless fishery for future generations.”

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