Blackbeard & the 2013 Great Gun Grab!

This past June, the we captured the incredible work of the expedition team from the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, Underwater Archaeology Branch (UAB), as they began final recovery efforts of the remains of Blackbeard’s legendary flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, which has been buried in a watery grave for almost 300 years, just off the coast of Beaufort, North Carolina. Despite challenging weather conditions, the team uncovered and raised significant artifacts including 2 two-thousand pound cannons and ammunition.

Project Leader, Billy Ray Morris' point of view during the successful raising of a 2,000 pound cannon.

Each relic from the past will breathe new life into the true story of Blackbeard’s reign as history’s most legendary pirate; an amazing story that couldn’t be told without the hard work and dedication of the UAB team of archaeologists, historians and conservators. Field operations are scheduled to conclude in 2014, which means the next chapter in the interpretation of Blackbeard’s flagship will be written in the lab. Information gained through the archaeological investigation, conservation and study of the artifact assemblage will facilitate the interpretation of this shared history with the public, and foster a sense of stewardship for North Carolina’s rich maritime heritage. A seven part educational web series, currently in post-production at Think Out Loud Productions in Florida, will take audiences along for every step of this thrilling adventure.