Interest High for Mote Science Cafe

On behalf of Lew Hastings and ourselves, we'd like to extend a special thanks to Mote Marine Laboratory for inviting us to take part in this interactive public forum and to Mote Educators, Rachael Kraemer and Grant Fischer, for making it happen. We'd also like to thank our host venue, The River City Grill and Tavern for the warm hospitality, great food and beverages.

Along with an enthusiastic packed house, we valued this unique opportunity to learn more about the comprehensive scope of Dr. Aaron Adams work, which we look forward to sharing in a documentary special we're producing. The production explores a number of compelling threats facing a sustainable future for tarpon and their critical natural habitats, and what we can all do to make a difference. After all, those threats wouldn't just affect tarpon, but could spell potential problems for all of us and our kids, as well. On that important note, we extend our appreciation for all the interested, informed and concerned people from around the community, including members of the media, that came out to join in the discusssion. It's really what this was all about ... The Paxton Brothers

For more information about upcoming Mote Science Cafes and Lecture Series events, please contact Rachael Kraemer at 941-205-3970 ext. 103 or

Read more about this Science Cafe in the article below by Al Hemingway from the Charlotte Sun Herald below.

Front: Dr. Aaron Adams, Rachael Kraemer. Back Row L-R: Grant Fischer, Brooks Paxton, Sean Paxton, Lew Hastings

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