Expedition Update: Deep Hole

After months of emails and phone calls, we finally got to meet many of the individuals involved in this important project. Better yet, we got to do it in the field where we could roll up our sleeves and get dirty. These people are among the best of the best at what they do and represent several organizations including: ADM Exploration Foundation, Sarasota County, Mote Marine Laboratory and Think Out Loud Productions. We'd also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Maykka River State Park and its staff for their cooperation and collaboration. All told, the group brought together numerous disciplines needed to move this project forward, and armed with an array of scientific monitoring, data gathering, documentary tools and equipment, leveraged a high level of teamwork in taking the critical next steps to unlock the mysteries of Myakka River State Park's Deep Hole.


photo: Curt Bowen. Additional expedition photos via gallery link below.

Deep Hole Aerial

A closer look reveals the hole's healthy alligator population at the water's edge.On this expedition, we provided and operated our live-monitor, deep drop camera system with low light infrared capabilities to view subsurface and bottom features of the Deep Hole. Additionally, we provided multiple camera documentation of data capture procedures, team profiles, interviews and logistical support.

We accomplished our objectives, but will return with a DVR/GPS overlay system wired inline with our drop camera for the purposes of recording a GPS-mapped video profile of Deep Hole, prior to commencement of future dive operations. This effort will aid in enhancing the dive team's understanding of the hole, prior to descending into the abyss. Recorded depths here exceed 120 feet, but total depths and other features remain unknown ... for now.

We've been fortunate to work in a wide range of exotic and wild locations, but without exaggeration, the Deep Hole truly is a unique and special place. We're proud to be part of this team and look forward to future expeditions to a place we like to call the Land of the Lost.

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Till Next Time - Keep it W!LD,

Sean Paxton

Brooks Paxton


Expedition Team L-R: Sean Paxton, Brooks Paxton, Curt Bowen, Weiqi Lin, Jon S. Perry, John Ryan, Jim Culter (not pictured)