Leveraging Over a Half-Century of Entertainment and Marketing Experience to Provide You a Comprehensive and Flexible Range of Multimedia and Live Event Production Services. 

What some might call conventional projects are always welcome here, but we really thrive when exploring ideas that provide our client collaborators and us with opportunities to color outside the lines, especially when a creative vision or important cause requires it. We call them wild ideas for their tendency to jump out of the box and inspire innovative ways of reaching and engaging people by leveraging impactful stories, emerging media technologies and distribution options for related industries we provision representing:
Marketing and PR, Entertainment, Adventure Travel, Ecotourism, Outdoor Recreation, Education, Exploration,
Science & Research.

On location in southwest Florida. "Expedition Deep Hole - the Ultimate Death Trap"


For Television, Web, Radio and Print. From Classroom to Boardroom or Live from Sunken Civil War era Shipwrecks and Places in Between.
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We're proud to work with some of the best in the biz from all disciplines of production. Joe Bamford (middle) and The Shark Brothers.


Formats for Series, Full or Mini Documentary, Web, Live Streaming Events, and Spots for Entertainment, Education and Cause Marketing.
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