Our clients and collaborators benefit from a combined 50+ years of experience we leverage to provide full-scale production services aimed at the delivery of content for series, documentaries, destination and tourism promotion, innovative live streaming events, education and cause marketing.

"Looking back, it was our childhood fascination with exploration, adventure and wildlife that never went away and the years spent traveling the world with our show business family that led us to where we are today."
- Sean and Brooks Paxton

At the helm of Shot Locker Productions they draw on more than a half-century of combined entertainment, business and outdoor industry experience to fill multiple roles including producers, cameramen, writers, editors and promoters. More often than not, they are embedded as participating expedition and science team members to also document historically significant explorations and field studies. As a result, the brothers find themselves directly involved in most of the stories and experiences they capture and share; a first-person, hands-on approach that provides a unique and engaging perspective for audiences. 

They maintain a non-stop schedule driven by a host of projects highlighting a number of outdoor adventure, exploration, history, archaeology, wildlife and natural habitat topics resulting in work seen internationally on the Discovery Channel, Shark Week, PBS, National Geographic, the Weather Channel, Fox, and NBC, to name a few.

Onboard the Florida Aquarium's dive boat, "Miss Bee Gee" during field production of live underwater broadcasts from the American Civil War shipwreck, "Narcissus" in 2011. She was lost with all souls on board in 1866 after a boiler explosion caused by running aground off the coast of Tampa. View Behind-the-Scenes Image Gallery

When not in the field or post production, the Brothers are often called upon for their unique experience and opinion, which they share as featured personalities on television shows and news broadcasts, talk shows, panel discussions and as guest event speakers. Widely recognized for their outspoken advocacy for the sustainable use and enjoyment of natural resources and the management of threatened or endangered wildlife and habitats, the Brothers are also called upon to consult with organizations such as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regarding proposed legislation and policy implementation or change.

During the year, Sean and Brooks make the time to do work in support of several causes including education, engaging youth in connecting with nature through active outdoor recreational activities and the support of our active Military, Veterans and Civilian First Responders.